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endee modular

modular building technologies
KODA Loft Ireland

a compact home

KODA is a moveable sustainable timber-framed home, that contains all the necessities for modern living. KODA offers production speed, high-quality construction and financial security in contrast to traditional building methods.

clever use of space, clean lines and practical detailing lends a spacious feel to   this comfortable home on a small footprint. thanks to its high ceilings and luminous atmosphere, the house feels twice as big from the inside,

lifting your mind and soul.

KODA offers affordable city living by fitting into unused urban spaces, 

unlocking the potential of small sites.

multifunctional space

our elegant mini KODA houses can be used in a variety of ways to create a quality mixture of homes, hotels, offices, shops, cafes, studios and community space in a snap.


KODA is an ideal solution for hotels, wedding venues and campsites, that wish to expand their range of accommodation. a KODA ensemble is quickly set up combining the desired number of KODAs with modular terrace, piping, infrastructure and greenery solutions. Install and uninstall in a multitude of places, offering guest accomodation, wellness areas, retail, cafe space and more. 

Retail, Cafe, Dining

Pop-up shops, cafes, dining areas - KODA can be utilized for almost any purpose and adjusted to suit the owners needs. 


KODA offers an amazing opportunity to enter the property market in urban centers where space is at a premium or as a holiday home or granny flat as required. 

Office and School

A home office in the garden, extra classrooms for small school groups and extracurricular activities. Ask us about your project. 

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deliver one day,
move in the next

KODA produces houses off-site like cars, in contrast to the traditional building methods that are slow, labour intensive and imprecise. innovative techniques and design allow for highest standard of buildings, space efficiency and production speed at the same time. 


your house(s) will be delivered on a truck in one piece. installation takes less than a day. the site preparation is minimal. KODA needs a ground with level footing, access with a crane, and connection points for water, sewage, and electricity. connecting your house to the foundation should be done according to local requirements. lifting and shifting are done by a local contractor. 


one day for installation. 

pack the toothbrush and move in.


we have a number of models to suit every need, which are all designed with the user in mind. check out the range below

KODA Compact Micro 19,95qm

KODA Loft Micro 19,95qm

KODA Compact 28,4qm

KODA Loft 28,4qm

KODA Compact Extended 43,6qm

KODA Loft Extended 47,5qm

KODA Compact Luxury Sauna 28,4qm

KODA Compact Extended 3 in 1 Hotel

KODA Float

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responsible production

KODA uses design, materials and building methods that provide energy, thermal, acoustic, space and functional efficiencies in a future-proof movable KODA houseKODA aims to reduce waste and the CO2 footprint of the construction industry globally. Offsite production reduces emissions during the building process in comparison to traditional building sites.

timber is a renewable material that absorbs CO2. there are few alternatives to timber as an environmentally friendly material. the construction of a timber framed house takes far less energy, carbon, and water than other raw materials. let’s bring the forest to the city! 

responsible consumption

we ask you to join us in our goal - living in a smaller housing unit ensures responsible consumption of the worlds resources


endee will co-ordinate the sale and delivery of your KODA, assist in finalizing your finishes and requirements and can offer architectural services for your planning application if required. 


we can assist you in customizing your KODA to suit your requirements.


solar panels, parquet flooring, exterior finishes, extra windows, kitchen units are just some of the many options available

planning permission

endee has an architectural branch that can assist you in applying for planning permission if required.


we have specialist local knowledge of the irish planning system and offer discounted rates to our KODA customers


endee' will oversee the delivery of your KODA and liaise with you (and your builder or architect) to ensure everything is in place for delivery day. 

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