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urban concept development

about us

we are an irish-german property advisory and investment company

we focus on the development, financing and structuring of impact-driven and sustainable architecture in Ireland and Germany. we work on innovative solutions in the area of high-quality residential products, assuring best value and quick availability via a digital and fully integrated building production methodology by our European partner companies. we give investors and local authorities solutions to react to the european-wide housing crisis.

Über mich

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our ambition

Wiederholte abstrakte Struktur

we have a strong track record in the sourcing, development, planning, building and management of sustainable architectural projects and renewable energy facilities in Germany, Switzerland and Ireland. our team has structured and delivered projects for private and institutional investors, listed companies and public bodies such as local authorities.

Grüner Wald

we aim to make an active and long-term contribution to environmental and climate protection. as a real estate consultant, developer and investor we feel responsible to continuously improve our sustainability standards. we commit to the use of sustainable materials and technologies wherever possible. 

Zusammenfassung Wasser

at endee we engage and communicate openly with our clients, partners and investors as well as service providers and local authorities. all stakeholders are assured full transparency on our decision-making process on all sustainable investments.


minimalist luxury living in a spaciously sustainable house

KODA is a house that has all the necessities for living, addresses the global contrast between the growing population and the growth of the average Western living unit. ​

we are the official agency in Ireland for the award winning KODA tiny house, perfect for private extensions, home-office solutions, holiday accommodation, urban concept housing, business, hotel and emergency housing. 

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